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A tale of tech fail

Pebble error message with sadface

It was perhaps inevitable that right after starting a blog about tech and running, all my tech would fail on me.

I ran the New Year’s Day 10k with both my Pebble and Fitbit. It was raining quite hard that day, and somehow it got into the Fitbit and messed up the display. It still seems to work ok, but the watery display just ruins my enjoyment of the device. Every time I look at it I feel a bit disappointed.


My water damaged Fitbit Force

My water damaged Fitbit Force

The Fitbit Force, unlike the Flex, doesn’t claim to be waterproof. Where the Flex can be worn showering and swimming, Fitbit advise users remove the band even for washing up. It does, however, promise to be rain and sweat proof – but my experience shows it isn’t.

Credit where due, Fitbit’s customer support have been excellent. I reported the fault through the Fitbit app, and quickly got an email back suggesting I return it to the shop where I bought it. Given the shop is in New York and I am in London, that’s not a goer. And besides, I threw away the receipt. I emailed back to say so, expecting a battle to get a replacement. They responded saying they’ll ship me a new one anyway. Impressed.

Then inexplicably, after ten months of only occasional use, my Pebble died on me too. It worked fine on my run, but when I got home and quit out of the Pebble’s Runkeeper app, it developed a fault which meant it shows nothing but a sad face.

I tried all the usual routes for a hard reset, but none of them work. The only other suggested fix I can find on the Pebble forum is to wait for the battery to run down and run a restore when plugging it back in.

I’m currently cursing the battery life and the fact I’d given it a full charge the night before. This could take some time. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to return it.

It might be a blessing in disguise. This week Pebble unveiled the Pebble Steel at CES. It’s essentially the same watch but with a much more attractive steel casing and band. It’s gorgeous. I couldn’t justify buying one given I already have a Pebble, but if my one has to go to the great factory in the sky, then maybe it’s time to upgrade.