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Festive fail

running santas

And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? The short answer is: not a lot.

Last year I bucked the trend by having a super-fit Christmas; we were away on holiday, staying somewhere that could hardly be better suited to running. We ran every day. I even started Christmas day with a nine-mile jog in the snow along the riverside, leaving me feeling smug right up until I stuffed myself silly over dinner.

This year I’ve been less successful. I’ve been for two short, plodding runs since getting back from holiday. Between post-holiday blues, and the string of festive drinking invites, running in the cold and wet has slipped down my list of priorities.

Christmas is a time to spend time with family, and enjoy food and drink together. But it’s also one of the rare occasions on which one gets a few public holidays off on the trot, making it an ideal opportunity to fit in a run or two to balance out the overindulgence (and prevent me going completely stir-crazy).

I really enjoyed last year’s Christmas running streak. So as I’m now winding down for Christmas, I’m planning to take advantage of the days at home to refocus and get my marathon training back on track.

Photo credit: nance coleman