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SiB_MumbaiI’m running the marathon together with two colleagues, Melissa and Jeanette, to raise money for Seeing is Believing, a programme which has been focused on eliminating avoidable blindness for over a decade.

To date, Seeing is Believing has reached 45 million people in some of the world’s poorest communities by giving them access to eye-care services, funding projects to prevent blindness and restore vision. 80% of the world’s blindness is avoidable and some of the most cost effective health interventions can be found in eye-care. Incredibly, a person’s sight can be restored for as little as $30US.

More than 90% of blind people live in the developing world. The issue of sight loss goes beyond health – it affects the livelihoods of individuals and the economic well-being of communities.  For many, going blind can mean the end of education, employment, and independence.

It’s something I have personal experience of, too. I had cataract myself, and lost the sight in one eye to it. It’s sobering to think that had I not been fortunate enough to have access to the amazing people at Moorfields Eye Hospital (where I spent a lot of my childhood), my life would have turned out rather differently. In developing countries 60% of children who go blind die within two years.

The thought of doing something to help others have access to the treatment I had myself is helping to keep me focused as I pound the pavements. I know we all gets asked to sponsor people all the time, but if you can spare some money I would hugely appreciate it.

Our joint fundraising page can be found here.

Every pound you donate will be matched by Standard Chartered, so your donation will go even further. Every quid you give will be bumped up to a whopping £2.25 with matching and Gift Aid. That means our £1200 target will raise £2700 for avoidable blindness – that’s enough to restore the sight of over 100 people.

Every donation will help motivate me, Melissa, and Jeanette to get around the 26.2 miles (41.2km)!

Here’s that fundraising page link again, in case you missed it the first time.

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