Me, post-run, with my beloved iPhone

I’m Sharon O’Dea, and I’m running the London Marathon on 13 April this year.

This is my first marathon, so this site tracks my efforts to train to run 26.2 miles in my own unique way.

What’s unique about me? Well….


I was not exactly a sporty child (I had a near-permanent note from my mum to get me out of PE). Since then my attempts at getting a physical exercise habit have generally floundered. I’m short and dumpy; you wouldn’t look at me and say “she looks like a runner” (more likely “she looks like someone who ate all the pies”).

But I began running in October 2010, and (to my own surprise as much as anyone else’s) have kept it up since then. I ran my first 10k the following year, and completed my first half marathon in April 2012. I’ve run two more since then, but this is my first attempt at the real thing.


I’m a geek at heart, and it’s technology that has kept me pounding the pavements. Specifically, the iPhone, which does everything from keeping me entertained as I run to aiding in my obsession for measuring things. In recent months I’ve augmented the phone with other devices, like the Pebble, and I’ve tried a number of apps to help me improve my running. On this blog I’ll be chronicling my adventures in marathon training the nerdy way.

If you stumbled across this site wanting to know more about my work in digital, head on over to my personal website to find out more.


I’m running the marathon to raise money for Seeing is Believing, which works to combat avoidable blindness caused by diseases such as trachoma and cataract. It’s a cause I care about a lot; I lost the sight in my right eye to cataract, but was lucky enough to have access to treatment at Moorfields, one of the world’s leading eye hospitals. In the developing world, easily treatable conditions like this cause millions to go blind, which in turn prevents them working and supporting themselves.

Find out more about Seeing is Believing, and how to sponsor me, here. Dig deep – every pound you donate will be matched by my employer.

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