The wrong way to taper

Chinatown Food Street

Most marathon training plans recommend tapering for the final three weeks or so before the big day. And while I’ve¬†definitely wound down since my final big run, I think it’s fair to say my tapering hasn’t been optimal.

Experts recommend easing off the running, doing shorter distances of 12 miles, then in the final week doing shorter, gentle runs only, to allow muscles to repair and increase levels of glycogen.

But training slowed down considerably for me almost immediately after the Hyde Park 20, as work got too busy to fit in much running, then came to an abrupt end last week when I flew to Singapore for work.

Optimistically, I bought three sets of running kit with me, but between jetlag and work I didn’t fit in anything at all. I managed to train while in Abu Dhabi in February, but that was a comparatively chilly 24 degrees. In Singapore this week it was 30, and the humidity was killer.

So I did what anyone with a marathon to run in less than a week’s time did: stayed indoors. In fact, I barely moved at all, taking taxis and the MRT instead of walking even short distances, as the humidity leaves me a sweaty, dishevelled mess within minutes, and that’s not a good look.

On the plus side, if there’s one thing Singapore is good for, it’s eating. And eat I did. Admittedly, all the wrong things (satay, chicken rice…), but it all counts, right?

Not drinking. Yeah, that didn’t go well either.

I’m back in London now, getting over my jetlag, paranoid about every twinge in my feet, feeling anxious that I’ve thrown away all those months of hard work.

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